Newsletter 2011


Est., 1972
March, 2011

Windmill Update

After 2 successful operations last year, we decided that the windmill was in line for some major repair and an upgrading. The roof was totally replaced, the blades have been rebuilt, and some of the gears and gear supports have been upgraded. Tom Howell and Mike Amory have invested a lot of time this winter getting the mill into the best shape that it has been in for years.

We continue to look at upgrading safety wherever possible, and you will notice this when the mill is in operation. The fence constructed last year controls the flow of visitors and directs them away from the blades when in operation. While we want the windmill to be accessible to all, safety must be our #1 concern.

Our New Website

Finally we have a website for the Spocott Windmill. With the assistance of Greg Radcliffe, we’ve begun the construction of what we hope will be a valuable resource. Long overdue, the website will ultimately contain:
- a calendar of events
- a virtual tour of the windmill and accompanying buildings
- a historical section with information on and photos of the original mill and its builder John Anthony Lecompte Radcliffe, the reconstruction and its builder Jim Richardson, and Sen. George L Radcliffe.
- our newsletters
- contact information

Upcoming Dates:
Earth Day and Windmill Open House – Sat, Apr 23, 2011, 10 AM – 4 PM
Fall Windmill Day Sat, Oct 15, 2011, 10 AM – 4PM Next Windmill Running
Sat., April 23, 2011, 10 AM – 4 PM

Windmill Foundation to Co-Sponsor Earth Day

The Windmill Foundation is totally revamping our spring open house by combining the windmill operation with a Dorchester County Earth Day Celebration. We’re joining forces with the Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth (DCPG) to provide a day of environmental and historical celebration with the Spocott Windmill as a focus. It will be a great day for a family to come out and learn about our rich historical, cultural, and environmental legacy, enjoy some good food, and meet a lot of fascinating people. Food, parking, restrooms, and a good time will be available for all. As more details materialize, they will be posted on the website.

We Need Your Help

We once again need your help in 2011. With over $30,000 in repairs during the last 2 years, we are seriously in need of funds. Our plans include an upgrading of the displays and signage and the planned moving of the Travers Doctor’s Office and Medical Museum. In order to do this we will need additional funds. Thanks again so much for your past support. We are here because of you! Your donations are totally tax deductible.

Spocott Windmill Foundation, Inc.
c/o George M. Radcliffe
1663 Hudson Rd
Cambridge, MD 21613