The Spocott Windmill and accompanying village are a reconstruction of the 19th Century village which existed on this location, forming the center of the town of Lloyds. The village was an integral part of the Spocott Farm, a completely self-sufficient community. The windmill was built c 1850 and operated until it was destroyed in a storm in 1850. The store burned in the early 1930′s, but was reconstructed. Serving as both the village store and post office, this building served the community until the early 1960′s. Included in the complex today are the:

1. Spocott Windmill, reconstructed in 1972

2. The Adaline Wheatley House.

3. The Castle Haven Schoolhouse, in operation from 1871 – 1923

4. The  Spocott Blacksmith Shop

5. The Muse-LeCompte Doctor’s Office and Museum

6. The Lloyd’s Country Store and Sen. George L. Radcliffe Museum

The property and most buildings are open free of charge 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. The Store and Windmill, normally locked, are open every Sunday from 1 to 4 PM (beginning Sept. 4, 2017).